Lab-on-a-chip fluorescence detection with image sensor and software-based image conditioning

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Lab-on-a-chip fluorescence detection with image sensor and software-based image conditioning

The fluorometric detection in lab-on-a-chip devices for life-sciences is one of the main detection methods. Well know from "large-scale" analytical chemistry methodologies and instrumentation has been applied in lab-on-a-chip solutions. In most cases, optical instrumentation for fluorescence induction and detection is based on configuration and components borrowed from large laboratory instruments. As a result, optical instrumentation surrounding lab-on-a-chip is bulky, expensive and dedicated for operation only inside laboratory. In this paper a discussion on fluorescence detection in lab-on-a-chip is carried out. A novel image sensor - based detection instrumentation co-working with a "clever" software is described. Instrumentation is dedicated for operation in portable and low-cost devices for different life-science applications. Examples of applications of the novel method and instrumentation co-working with various lab-on-a-chips are presented on the base of author's works.

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