Contribution to the Lithuanian flora of lichens and allied fungi. IV.

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Four species of lichens and two species of lichenicolous fungi were reported as new to Lithuania: Chaenotheca sphaerocephala, Endophragmiella franconica, Merismatium decolorans, Ochrolechia androgyna, Pertusaria ophthalmiza, Stereocaulon taeniarum. Endophragmiella franconica was reported on a new host - Cladonia coniocraea. The teleomorph of Abrothallus suecicus was recorded for the first time in the country. Three species, Chaenotheca sphaerocephala, Endophragmiella franconica and Stereocaulon taeniarum, were recorded for the first time in the Baltic states. Microcalicium arenarium, previously known in Lithuania only from literature data, was confirmed with certainty for the first time. A revision of the Candelaria concolor complex revealed that only C. pacifica is known in Lithuania.

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