Risk Taking of Life Insurance Companies from the Perspective of Senior Managers and Experts

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In the contemporary world, the insurance industry is considered one of the crucial factors of the development and progress of countries, and the insurance condition is an indicator of this phenomenon. The aim of the study is to assess risk taking of insurance companies from the perspective of senior managers and experts. The methods of research are questionnaire and interview with experts and senior managers of life insurance of active insurance companies in the city of Tehran using random sampling. In the present study, among 60 senior managers and experts, descriptive statistics in the field of demography such as gender, background, and educational level of respondents have been studied, and then they have been asked for the confirmation and rejection of statistical assumptions in the form of known criteria and opinions of experts and decision-makers. To prioritise the factors from the hierarchical analysis process for factor ranking, the results have indicated that inflation, governmental policies and lack of expertise are the major factors affecting risk taking in the industry of life insurance.

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