Antimicrobial resistance of bacterial isolates from dierent dairy products and their emergence in the food chain

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The antibiotic resistance of foodborne pathogens represents a healthcare concern globally. This phenomenon has an increasing impact on medicine and economy. A total of 26 spoilage and pathogenic bacterial isolates originating from different dairy products have been screened against eight different antibiotics. Based on the type of the selective agar medium used for their isolation, the isolates were: five staphylococci isolates, six Vibrio isolates, two Pseudomonas sp. isolates, three Salmonella isolates, five E. coli isolates, and five coliform isolates. The overall resistance to the tested antimicrobials of the bacterial isolates was 31.73%, the majority being susceptible. Based on the results, there are isolates with multiple antibiotic patterns that can be possible risk factors and may call for preventive measures.

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