Controlled G-Frames and Their G-Multipliers in Hilbert spaces

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Multipliers have been recently introduced by P. Balazs as operators for Bessel sequences and frames in Hilbert spaces. These are opera- tors that combine (frame-like) analysis, a multiplication with a fixed sequence ( called the symbol) and synthesis. One of the last extensions of frames is weighted and controlled frames that introduced by P.Balazs, J-P. Antoine and A. Grybos to improve the numerical efficiency of iterative algorithms for inverting the frame operator. Also g-frames are the most popular generalization of frames that include almost all of the frame extensions. In this manuscript the concept of the controlled g- frames will be defined and we will show that controlled g-frames are equivalent to g-frames and so the controlled operators C and C' can be used as preconditions in applications. Also the multiplier operator for this family of operators will be introduced and some of its properties will be shown.

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