Evaluation of Agronomic and Sensory Attributes of Quality Protein Maize for Acceptability in South-Western Nigeria

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Quality Protein Maize (Zea mays L.) (QPM) varieties have been developed by scientists at the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training in Nigeria. For these varieties to have significant impact, they must possess traits acceptable to farmers. A study was carried out to evaluate the agronomic and sensory traits of two Quality Protein Maize - ART-98-SW-6-OB (QPM1) and ILE-1-OB (QPM2), in comparison with ART-96-SW-1 (High Protein Maize) and SUWAN-1-SR (a popularly grown improved variety) in three maize growing communities of South West, Nigeria. Sixty (60) farmers comprising males and females were evaluated for six sensory parameters. The parameters tested were appearance, colour, flavour, texture, taste and overall acceptability. The results of the agronomic evaluation showed that there were no significant differences in the height of QPM varieties and HPM at harvest. QPM varieties gave the highest grain yield of 2.38t/ha for ART-98-SW-6OB and 2.36t/ha for ILE-1-OB. Sensory evaluation showed that when the maize varieties were processed into corn-soy milk, QPM corn-soy milk had the highest sensory scores for all sensory parameters tested. Quality Protein Maize varieties had high grain yield and were most preferred for maize pudding and corn - soy milk. The QPM varieties, if formulated into foods for household or commercial purposes, should have good chance of being accepted by farmers with continuous promotional campaigns.

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