Sex estimation using foot measurements, stature and body mass index (BMI) in a Nigerian population

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Identification of dismembered bodies recovered in disasters or crime scene is very important in forensic. This study was carried out to ascertain if foot size, body weight, height, stature and BMI can be used to predict sex using tape rule and Stadiometer scale. 150 subjects between 18 - 25yrs were recruited. Independent T-test, Pearson Correlation, Linear and Multiple Regression Analysis were determined using SPSS version 23. All measurements were higher in male than female and there was significant (p≤0.05) difference in the sex. The average foot length of 257.39mm was used to determine sex of the subjects. All foot lengths ≤ 257.39mm were presumed to belong to females while all values > 257.39mm was presumed males. Foot size and weight had the highest correlation values. Foot length gave better estimation of sex than foot breadth, BMI and weight. Results of Multiple regression equation was better than linear regression equation. In forensic anthropology, foot size has been used to predict sex. Limitation of this study is the formulae generated can only be applied to Nigerians aged 18-25 yrs. Studies should be carried out on diverse population for future inferences

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