A Methodology for Experimental Research of the Freezing Process of Logs

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This paper describes a methodology for experimental research of the change in the temperature and humidity of the air processing medium and also in the temperature at 4 points of the longitudinal section of logs during freezing. The suggested methodology is used to research the change in the mentioned parameters of poplar logs with diameters of 240 mm, lengths of 480 mm and moisture content above the hygroscopic range during 50 h of freezing in a freezer at a temperature of about -30 °C. The automatic measurement and recording of the parameters is carried out with the help of Data Logger type HygrologNT3 produced by the Swiss firm ROTRONIC. The precise instrumentation allowed, for the first time ever, the measuring of the impact the latent heat released by the free water on the log had on the warming up of the wood during water crystallization in the logs.

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