Time Transfer Realized by PPP Technique for Trimble Netrs and TTS-4 Receivers

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Time Transfer Realized by PPP Technique for Trimble Netrs and TTS-4 Receivers

This paper concerns determination of clock readings and position of two geodetic receivers: TRIMBLE NetRS and TTS-4, connected to the same antenna of Dorne Margolin choke ring type (IGS BOR1 point) with the usage of precise point positioning (PPP) technique. The TTS-4 receiver was constructed and provided with its software by the time and frequency team from Borowiec Astrogeodynamical Observatory (AOS). Parameters of the receiver clocks and antenna coordinates were determined for the period from 1 to 30 April 2011. The collected data in RINEX format include code and phase observations from GPS constellation recorded with 30 second interval. The computed positions of the antenna based on RINEX data files from TRIMBLE NetRS and TTS-4 receivers are practically the same. The differences of estimated coordinates are from 0.6 to 1.6 mm. However, the accuracy of the clock parameters computed for TRIMBLE NetRS receiver are by one order lower than for TTS-4. It means that TRIMBLE NetRS receiver synchronized with internal quartz oscillator can not be used for timing applications. Currently the AOS laboratory works on the realization and development of the PPP method are in progress. Ultimately, the method will allow very precise comparison of atomic clocks and atomic time scales over great distances based on GNSS phase measurements. This method will increase the quality of comparisons of the atomic time scales carried out in the world, as well as, significantly strengthen the quality of the Polish Atomic Time Scale - TA (PL).

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