Comparative study of flow condensation in conventional and small diameter tubes

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Flow boiling and flow condensation are often regarded as two opposite or symmetrical phenomena. Their description however with a single correlation has yet to be suggested. In the case of flow boiling in minichannels there is mostly encountered the annular flow structure, where the bubble generation is not present. Similar picture holds for the case of inside tube condensation, where annular flow structure predominates. In such case the heat transfer coefficient is primarily dependent on the convective mechanism. In the paper a method developed earlier by the first author is applied to calculations of heat transfer coefficient for inside tube condensation. The method has been verified using experimental data from literature on several fluids in different microchannels and compared to three well established correlations for calculations of heat transfer coefficient in flow condensation. It clearly stems from the results presented here that the flow condensation can be modeled in terms of appropriately devised pressure drop.

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