The Modernization of the Mrzezyno Seaport. Applying Simulation Studies to Define the Variants of the Expansion of the Entrance Breakwater

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Objective reasons, such as climatic changes, larger vessels, sometimes the impracticality of the current solutions, determine the interest of decision-makers in rebuilding the existing ports and breakwaters. Tested simulation models allow for a thorough analysis of the possible modernization variants taking into account the variability of basic parameters. The article presents research results related to the optimization of the Mrzezyno seaport with respect to navigation safety and the possibility of larger vessels calling at the port after its modernization.

In the paper, real time simulation methods based on manoeuvre simulators were applied. Two different variants that can be implemented from the technical point of view were studied. Following a multidimensional analysis that took into consideration increased comfort of ship manoeuvres in the port and navigation safety, one variant was indicated as the optimum. The aim of the research results is to help design new solutions in the case of the modernization of the Mrzezyno seaport.

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