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The process of the ships docking, especially very large ships, is an very risky operation in confined and busy port waters. The similar difficult is the task to pass along any channel, river, strait or similar water road. The basic difficulty causes maneuvering with the great mass of the ship in situation of small space to maneuvers, the large inertia of the object and poor maneuvering properties at small speeds occurring in such circumstances. An additional factor, which make this task more difficult is the influence of the wind and the sea current on the hull of the inert ship as well as consequences of the limited visibility. The bad weather can cause the necessity to delay the maneuver. However this joins with heavy costs. An alternative is usage of systems supporting this process.

In this paper nowadays accessible systems for augmentation the docking and harbor navigation are analysed. There are: shore based (active or passive) and ship based (active). This paper is prepared in the frame of Bonus project call 2012 ‘The Captain Assistant system for Navigation and Routing during Operations in Harbor’.

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