Validation of a Method for Determining Cholesterol in Egg Yolks/ Walidacja metody oznaczania cholesterolu w żółtkach jaj

Robert Gąsior 1  and Mariusz P. Pietras 2
  • 1 Central Laboratory, National Research Institute of Animal Production, 32-083 Balice n. Kraków, Poland
  • 2 National Research Institute of Animal Production, 32-083 Balice n. Kraków, Poland


The aim of the study was to validate a gas chromatographic method for determining cholesterol in egg yolks according to the EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Of the two methods, with and without internal standard, the former was characterized by lower uncertainty, with a repeatability of 4% and within-laboratory reproducibility of 6%. The method’s uncertainty (n = 2, P≤0.05), which included sample preparation errors and chromatographic measurement errors, was 10.6%. Mean recovery was 99.9% and limit of quantification was 0.16 mg/g. The coefficient of variation for repeatability, which is calculated during routine analyses, should not exceed the 8% limit of repeatability. The method is reliable, as confirmed by the results of validation, and the procedure is relatively rapid and simple.

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