Numerical Study of Forced Vibration Suppression by Parametric Anti-Resonance

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The parametric anti-resonance phenomenon as an active damping tool for suppression of externally excited resonant vibration is numerically studied herein. It is well known fact that the anti-resonance phenomenon, i.e. the stiffness periodic variation by subtractive, combination resonance frequency, brings stabilization and cancelling into self-excited vibrations. But this paper aims at a new possibility of its application, namely a damping of externally excited resonant vibration. For estimation of its effect we come both from a characteristic exponent of the analytical solution and numerical solution of forced vibration of 2DOF linear system with additional parametric excitation. The amplitude suppression owing to the parametric anti-resonance is studied on several parameters of the system: a depth of parametric excitation, mass ratio, damping coefficient and small frequency deviations from the parametric anti-resonance.

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