Permeability Changes of Coal Cores and Briquettes under Tri-Axial Stress Conditions

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The paper is dealing with the permeability of coal in triaxial state of stress. The permeability of coal, besides coal’s methane capacity, is the main parameter determining the quantity of methane inflow into underground excavations. The stress in a coal seam is one of the most important factors influencing coal permeability therefore the permeability measurements were performed in tri-axial state of stress. The hydrostatic three-axial state of stress was gradually increased from 5 MPa with steps of 5 MPa up to a maximum of 30 MPa. Nitrogen was applied as a gas medium in all experiments.

The results of the permeability measurements of coal cores from the “Zofiówka” mine, Poland, and three mines from the Czech Republic are presented in this paper. As a “reference”, permeability measurements were also taken for coal briquettes prepared from coal dust with defined porosity.

It was confirmed that the decreasing porosity of coal briquettes affects the decreasing permeability. The advantage of experimentation on coal briquettes is its good repeatability.

From the experimental results, an empirical relation between gas permeability and confining pressure has also been identified. The empirical relation for coal briquettes is in good correspondence with published results. However, for coal cores, the character of change differs. The influence of confining pressure has a different character and the decrease in permeability is stronger due to the increasing confining pressure

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