Effect of Alloying Elements on Plastic Workability and Corrosion Behavior of Ti-X (X = 6 Co, 8 Cr, 4 Fe, 6 Mn, 10 Mo, and 36 Nb) Binary Alloys

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of the alloying elements on the plastic workability and corrosion behavior of Ti-X (wt.%) (X = 6 Co, 8 Cr, 4 Fe, 6 Mn, 10 Mo, and 36 Nb) binary alloys. The alloys with a molybdenum equivalence of 10 wt.% were fabricated by a vacuum arc re-melting process and were then homogenized at a temperature 20°C greater than the beta transus temperature for 14.4 ks. The plastic workability was investigated under uniaxial cold rolling, while the corrosion behavior was examined in Ringer’s solution at 37°C. Among the Ti-X alloys, the Ti-8 wt.% Cr and Ti-6 wt.% Mn alloys showed an outstanding plastic workability and corrosion resistance, respectively.

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