Effect of Small Addition of Cobalt on Magnetic Properties and Internal Stresses Sources in the Form of Free Volumes and Pseudo-Dislocation Dipoles in Fe78CoXSi11-XB11 (x = 0 Or 2) Alloys / Wpływ Nieznacznego Dodatku Kobaltu Na Właściwości Magnetyczne Oraz Źródła Naprężeń Wewnętrznych W Postaci Wolnych Objętości Oraz Pseudodyslokacyjnych Dipoli W Stopach Fe78CoXSi11-XB11 (x = 0 Or 2)

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Amorphous materials in the form of tapes, despite being discovered more than half a century ago, are still the object of interest for materials engineers and electro-technical industry. They possess a great application potential, and are constantly studied for new variations. Due to the different structure from the commonly manufactured textured FeSi sheets, FeCoB based amorphous alloys demonstrate very good, so called soft magnetic properties. This paper presents the results of studying the structure and magnetic properties of tapes of Fe78CoxSi11-xB11 (X = 0 or 2) alloys of amorphous structure. In addition, the effect of Co alloy addition on the type of structural defects in the area of ferromagnetic saturation approach was examined. It was found that a small addition of Co affects the increase of saturation magnetization value, as well as the distribution of magnetization vectors within the stresses sources in form of structure defects.

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