Comparison of High Temperature Corrosion Resistance in Gaseous Environment of Alloys based on Intermetallic Phase Matrix Fe40Al5CrZrb And Steel X12CrCoNi2120

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The paper presents results of the research which aim was to compare the corrosion resistance of alloys based on intermetallic phase after Fe40Al5CrTiB crystallization and after forming the steel corrosion resistant X12CrCoNi2120 species. The tests were performed for steel at temperature of 700°C Fe40Al5CrTiB and for alloy at 1100°C and 9% O2 0.2% HCl + SO2+ 0.08 N2 environment. In the research the changes of weight after corrosion tests, observations of the surface, specified chemical and phase composition of corrosion products were made. The obtained results of the study showed a very good corrosion resistance of Fe40Al5CrTiB alloys in high temperature and environments containing oxygen, sulfur and chlorine as compared to the corrosion resistance of the steel grade X12CrCoNi2120. Results of the research conducted in this scope are the basis for further research.


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