Ethical Dimensions of the Patients’ Attitude Towards the GP, Prophylactic and the New Methods of Treatment

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The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) data shows that only a small portion of the health insurance holders in the country have visited their GP for the mandatory prophylactic check-up. This fact is rather disturbing. The study aims at investigating the ethical dimensions and the patients’ opinions towards the GPs, prophylactics and the new methods for early diagnostics and treatment. Material and Methods: A questionnaire was prepared for the purposes of the study. The methods utilized were a direct individual anonymous questionnaire, statistical - descriptive, analytical (Chi-square). The answers were examined and statistically processed according to age, gender and education level of the participants. Results: 1. A large percentage of the participants, 88.8% has a GP, however, the situation with the personal dental practitioner is rather different - 66% does not have one. 2. A large percentage of the participants believe in prophylactics, but do not attend regular prophylactic checks which is related to the prevailing mistrust towards the GP, as well as to the education level of the patients - those with higher education believe in and attend prophylactic checks more regularly. 3. The percentage of those who believe in the new methods and means for treatment is high, over 80%, while no difference is found in relation to the patients’ education level. 4. There is no difference in the answers regarding the regular prophylactic checks depending on gender. Conclusion: The strict regulation of the practice of GP and sanctions to the nonregular to prophylaxis patients are needed.

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