The Productivity Elements, Chemical Composition and Energetical Value (Caloric) of Some Maize Hybrids in Ialomita County Conditions

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The purpose of this paper is to study and to analyze the chemical composition and energetical value (caloric) of 8 maize hybrids (Fundulea 376, Olt, Bărăgan, P0216, PR35T36, PR35P12, Feria and Rapsodia) tested under field conditions in a farm from, Rovine village, Ialomita County, under non-irrigated conditions, on 2016-2017. For all hybrids the same cultivation technology was applied. Sowing was carried out between April 20-27, for both years, with a density of 50,000 germinable grains/ha and in September were harvested. The analysis of the productivity elements showed that: the average length of cobs was between 20 to 23 cm; number of rows/cobs ranged from 14 to 18; the number of grains/cobs oscillated between 704 grains/cobs at Baragan hybrid, up to 890 grains/cobs at PR35T36; the Thousand Grain Weight (TGW) recorded values of over 300 grams for tree hybrids PR35T36, P0216, PR35P12; the density of plants at harvesting, main factor for yields grains, oscilated from 42,650 plants/ha in 2016 for Olt hybrid to 49.000 plants/ha at P0216 hybrid in 2017; the grains yields was of 8.4 t/ha at Baragan hybrid and 13.9 t/ha at PR35T36 hybrid. Regarding quality indicators of yields resulted: the hectolitre mass averaged 72.7 kg/hl with variation limits of 70.3 kg/hl and 76.8 kg/hl and the moisture varied between 11.90% and 14.50%. Chemical composition is followed: 10.70-12.70% proteins; 3.7-4.3% lipids; 70.00 - 70.70% glucids. Based on these results , it has been calculated the energy values (caloric). This oscillated between 369.3 kcal./100 grams of Rapsody hybrid and 388.38 kcal. of P0216 hybrid. It can be noticed that the year 2017 was a very favorable year for maize crops in the analyzed area, which led to better results for all the productivity elements, grains yields and chemical compozition for all 8 tested hybrids. Also, we can observed the higher energy value on 2017 by comparison with 2016.

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