Western Balkans, Some Reflections on the Geopolitical Dynamics of the Great Powers

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The aim of this study is to indicate the influence of the role of the Great Powers in the Western Balcans, in this region of contrasts, of many partial, which did not have an easy cohabitation between them, for various reasons, as shown in history from numerous wars. Being in a very interesting part of the western balcans even Albania, my country had its sad history over decades. Western Balcans, despite being geographically distant from many of the great powers, has always attreacted their attention, becoming a battling and disputable terrain by the grat international actors, especially for putting political ideologies that would govern this part of the peninsula. Why does the Weatern Balcans rise so much interest in the international arena?

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Strategjia e Sigurisë Kombëtare të Republikës së Shqipërisë 2014.. Miratuar me Ligjin Nr.103/2014, Date: 31.07.2014, Flet. Zyrtare Nr.137

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