Some Issues on the Protection of Employee Rights and Interests in Vietnamese Enterprises Today

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Protecting employee rights and interests is the issue attracted attention of related parties in Vietnam. It includes a lot of contents. The article deals with some basic contents such as salary, working time and labor safety and hygiene. In the past years, besides the achievements, the protection of employee rights and interests in Vietnamese enterprises has some limitations. In some enterprises, the minimum wage has not met the demand, the real income of employees is low while working time is relatively high and labor safety and hygiene are not ensured. This is due to many reasons, such as: firstly, most Vietnamese enterprises are small and medium ones, their economic potential is not strong enough to be able to good equipment for employees; secondly, the employees themselves are not aware of their rights and interests as well as are also under pressure to survive; thirdly, it is the problem of profit. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust both the awareness and policies to make sure the harmony between employees, enterprises and society.

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