Conodont thermometry by Raman spectroscopy on carbonaceous material: a case study from the Northern Calcareous Alps (Mürzalpen Nappe, Eastern Alps)

Gerd Rantitsch 1 , Gerhard Bryda 2 , and Hans-Jürgen Gawlick 1
  • 1 Department für angewandte Geowissenschaften und Geophysik, Montanuniversität Leoben, , Peter-Tunner Straße 5, 8700, Leoben, Austria
  • 2 Geologische Bundesanstalt Wien, , Neulinggasse 38, 1030, Wien, Austria


Carnian metapelites from the southeastern segment of the Mürzalpen Nappe (Northern Calcareous Alps, Eastern Alps) were heated to 280-310 °C, estimated by Raman spectroscopy of carbonaceous material (RSCM). This temperature range is correlated to a Color Alteration Index of 5.0-6.5, determined on conodonts from adjacent Anisian to Norian carbonates. Average RSCM temperatures estimated on the conodonts are biased towards higher temperatures. The spectral characteristics of the conodont apatite suggest a composition altered during progressive recrystallization, influencing the band parameters of the included carbonaceous matter. Consequently, accurate conodont RSCM thermometry needs an assessment of apatite alteration.

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