Individual and Organizational Approaches to Overcoming Stress

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Stress greatly affects not only people but also organizations. Therefore it is very important to prevent and manage stress and at the same time maintain well-being of employees. This paper presents two main groups of approaches: the organizational and the individual ones, with which individuals (managers/employees) can manage stress.

The paper also presents the results of the empirical research on stress, which was conducted among managers and employees in Slovenian organizations in 2011. The analysis shows which individual and organizational approaches to overcoming stress are most commonly used. The highest percentage of employees implement the following techniques of individual approaches: physical activity, followed by eating healthy food and getting a massage. However, the research results about organizational approaches show that the highest attention was devoted to organization of work and the lowest to physical activities, stimulated by the firm. Furthermore, intergenerational adaptation is not widely used to prevent and overcome stress.

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