The Effects of Micronutrients (Fe And Zn) and Beneficial Nano-Scaled Elements (Si And Ti) on Some Morphophysiological Characteristics of Oilseed Rape Hybrids

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Current experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of foliar application of different nutrients (control, nano-chelated Fe, nano-chelated Zn, nano-TiO2, nano-Si) on seed yield and morpho-physiological characteristics of oilseed rape cultivars (Hydromel, Neptune, Nathalie, Danube, Alonso). The highest pod numbers was achieved by foliar application of Zn and nano-SiO2 in cv. Hydromel and Neptune. The heaviest seeds were recorded for plants treated with nano-SiO2. The highest seed yield was recorded for cv. Hydromel and Neptune treated with Fe and nano-TiO2. The highest indole acetic acid was recorded in cv. Hydromel treated with Zn and nano-SiO2. The evaluation of plant pigments revealed that foliar application of nano-SiO2 and TiO2 significantly increased the concentration of carotenoids and Chlorophyll a, b. Overall, the results indicate that cultivating the high yielding hybrids (Hydromel, Neptune, Nathalie) along with the application of iron, SiO2 and TiO2 nano-particles can greatly improve plant performance

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