Genetic Diversity in Domestic and Introduced Wheats

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A set of 33 wheat EST-SSR markers was designed and 18 from them were polymorphic and used for assessment of genetic diversity within 36 introduced genotypes of hexaploid bread wheat. Altogether 105 alleles were detected, in average 3.18 alleles per locus. Maximum number of alleles 14 was detected at the locus TDI389708. Five the most polymorphic markers were used for the evaluation and comparison of genetic variation within 46 domestic (Slovak) wheat genotypes and 36 introduced (foreign) wheat genotypes. The number of alleles per used primer pair within domestic genotypes varied from 7 to 19, with an average of 13.2 alleles, an average gene diversity 0.846 and PIC 0.980 per locus. The number of alleles per primer within introduced genotypes varied from 7 to 14, with an average of 10.8 alleles, an average gene diversity 0.780 and PIC 0.958 per locus. The level of polymorphism in EST- SSRs was sufficient for discrimination between genotypes and variation within domestic genotypes was slightly higher than in introduced genotypes. Variation revealed by 5 selected EST-SSR markers clustered genotypes according to origin. Domestic and introduced wheats were grouped distinctly into two separate groups.

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