Evaluation of the Usefulness of Friction Tester Vehicles to Operate on Runway Pavement Surfaces

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The assessment correctness of runway pavement surfaces is a crucial element ensuring safety during flight operations. Foreign and national normative documents specify the required values of coefficients of friction both for designed (new) and utilized runway pavement surfaces and/or those subject to planned renovation works. What is more, the above mentioned documents determine the minimum (limit) values for operated runway pavement surfaces. Furthermore, they also describe the general requirements as regards measuring devices applied to specify the roughness of runway pavement surfaces. The accepted repeatability (Equipment Variation) of coefficient of friction measurement is not sufficient to approve the device for roughness measurements of aerodrome functional elements. Due to this fact the device is authorized to take measurements of coefficient of friction under the condition that it is preceded by certain studies carried out in order to establish its usefulness. These research consist inter alia of the device evaluation in view of devices authorized to perform measurements, using statistical apparatus. Final evaluation of instrument usefulness includes additionally the whole gamut of technical problems associated with the operation process, its preparation, calibration (checking) before taking measurements and the measurements themselves.

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