The Influence of Graphite Addition on the Abrasive Wear of AlMg10 Alloy Matrix Composites Reinforced with SiC Particles

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The presented work deals with the influence of the addition of soft graphite particles on the abrasive wear of composite reinforced with hard SiC particles. The discussed hybrid composites were produced by stirring the liquid alloy and simultaneous adding the mixture of particles. The adequately prepared suspension was gravity cast into a metal die. Both the composite castings obtained in this way and the comparative castings produced of the pure matrix alloy were examined for the abrasive wear behaviour. Photomacrographs of the sliding surfaces of the examined composites were taken, and also the hardness measurements were carried out. It was found that even a small addition of Cgr particles influences positively the tribological properties of the examined composite materials, protecting the abraded surface from the destructive action of silicon carbide particles. The work presents also the results of hardness measurements which confirm that the composite material hardness increases with an increase in the volume fraction of hard reinforcing particles.

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