Towards E-Learning Capability Maturity Model

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Towards E-Learning Capability Maturity Model

In the software development Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is a methodology for constantly optimizing organization's software development processes in order to meet project deadlines and customers' satisfaction in more efficient way. Nowadays e-learning becomes a valuable business tool not only for reducing costs and improving employees' competences in specific business areas but also for creating considerable Return on Investment (ROI) for the businesses. More and more companies choose an e-learning environment over classic classroom learning. When more companies are implementing e-learning it is time to create a common workplace e-learning CMM which defines the framework and best practices for e-learning business processes that can be used as standard and guidelines for companies which are starting e-learning projects as well as companies practicing e-learning. The paper proposes e-learning implementation and maintenance business processes incorporated in the classic PDCA cycle consisting of four e-learning project phases - e-learning project planning, e-learning system implementation, e-learning monitoring and e-learning optimization.

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