Quasi-optimal PZT distribution in active vibration reduction of the triangular plate with P-F-F boundary conditions

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Quasi-optimal PZT distribution in active vibration reduction of the triangular plate with P-F-F boundary conditions

An active reduction of transverse vibration of the triangular plate with P-F-F boundary conditions is considered. The cracked plate is idealized research model as partially clamped on one edge with varying clamped length. The active reduction is realised with PZTs. In the paper, assuming the detached base clamped length, the influence of PZTs distribution on the bending moment and the shearing force at the clamped edge is investigated. To realize the purpose two cases are considered. At the former the PZTs are attached at points in which the curvatures of the surface locally take their maximum (MC sub-areas or quasi-optimal ones). At the latter, the PZTs are somewhat shifted. The plate is excited with harmonic plane acoustic wave. The second mode is considered only.

The active vibration reduction study with a finite element method (FEM) is carried out. The numerical calculations show that better results are obtained for MC distribution of the PZTs.

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