Synthesis and pharmacological activities of some condensed 4-chloro-2,2-dialkyl chromene-3-carbaldehyde derivatives

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Synthesis and pharmacological activities of some condensed 4-chloro-2,2-dialkyl chromene-3-carbaldehyde derivatives

Some new hydrazono 5a,b, thiosemicarbazono 6a-c, and oximo chromenes 7a-c were prepared via the reaction of the corresponding β-chlorocarbaldehyde 3 with hydrazine, aromatic hydrazine, thiosemicarbazide and hydroxylamine hydrochloride, respectively. In addition, ether derivatives 8a-h were prepared from the corresponding aldoximes 7a-c. The new products were tested for anti-inflammatory and ulcerogenic score activities compared to indomethacin.

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