Levels of Metals in Soils of Ait Ammar Iron Mine, Morocco: Human Health Risks

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The concentrations of metals were determined in soil samples collected in Ait Ammar (Oued Zem, Morocco). The mean Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Pb and Zn contents in the mining topsoil samples were: 2.12, 135, 34.9, 214, 9.13 and 90.8 mg kg−1, respectively. Human health risks developed from metal ingestion, dermal absorption and inhalation of soils were also evaluated. For non-carcinogenic risks, united hazard index (HI) values for children surpassed the safe level (HI=1) for Cr (13.1). Values for HI in adults (1.74) also surpassed the safe level for Cr. The HI values for Pb and Cd for children were 0.69 and 0.68, respectively. Cancer risk due to Cr surpassed the tolerable range (1E-06 to1E-04) for children (1.05E-03) and for adults (1.42E-04). Cancer risks due to Pb and Cd were within acceptable ranges for both children and adults. Furthermore, oral ingestion of soil particles contributed more highly to both carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic risk from Cr than either dermal absorption or inhalation in both children and adults.

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